Module TRM-5

The TRM-5 is the first module of the Pro-Line generation. This new module generation surpasses the improved standard for receiver interference immunity. The variant TRM-5 ext supports the expanded frequency band of GSM-R.

Datasheet_TRM-5.pdf(295 kB)

Datasheet for the GSM-R module TRM-5 with increased interference resistance

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology based on
a decision of the German Bundestag

24. July 2014

InnoTrans 2014

Just like the past few years, Triorail will be represented at the InnoTrans in Berlin.


10. April 2014

Latest 8 Watt GSM-R Technology for use in Critical Network Conditions

Triorail has taken quite some time to focus on the subject of IM3 (intermodulation of third order)...