Do Triorail systems support ASCI features?

Triorail is just developing more and more of these desired features.

At the moment most parts of eMLPP, as well as VGCS and VBS are realised for the module TRM:2.


Due to the specifications of GPRS,  ASCI is not able to work when GPRS is used.



  • eMLPP (multi-level precendence and preemption service): enables priority calls
  • VGCS (Voice Group Call Service): enables calls to selected groups with push-to-talk
  • VBS (Voice Broadcast Service): enables calls to several different parties

Are the measurements of the field intensity reliable?

The repeatability of the measurements is only limited by the hysteresis of the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and quantization error. According to our measurements this is < 1 dB.

Which GPRS classes are supported by Triorail products?

All our systems are compatible to GPRS class 10 and class B. Class 10 allows 2 connections up-link and 4 down-link, but at most 5 at the same time. With class B either GSM or GPRS can be used at a time. Its possible to make or receive a voice call, send or receive SMS while holding a GPRS connection. In this case GPRS services are suspended and then resumed automatically after the call or SMS session has ended.

Which frequences are supported by Triorail systems?

All Triorail devices* support tri band GSM, that is 900 (GSM, EGSM), 1800 (DCS) und 1900 (PCS). All rail devices (-R) are additionally for the use with GSM-R.


The available networks are chosen via SIM card. So you can use GSM applications also for GSM-R, if the GSM-R network coverage is sufficient.






900 MHz

880 �?? 915 MHz

925 �?? 960 MHz


900 MHz

876 �?? 880 MHz

921 �?? 925 MHz


1800 MHz

1710 �?? 1785 MHz

1805 �?? 1880 MHz


1900 MHz

1850 �?? 1910 MHz

1930 �?? 1990 MHz



* Except the Triotrace Test System TTS-S55. This device supports the bands 900, 1800, as well as GSM-R.

Do the Triorail systems support SIM Tool Kit (STK)?

Yes, all Triorail products support SIM Tool Kit.

What type of antenna do I need for GSM-R devices?

All antennas designed for GSM 900 will also work with GSM-R because these mostly cover a frequency range including the GSM-R-range. Your choice may mostly depend on the type of application. A supplier for GSM accessories is e.g. our partner MC Technologies.

We suggest a dual band antenna to use the GSM 1800 band as alternative.

Are Triorail products RoHS compliant?

Triorail changed its module offer in 2006 from TRM-1 to TRM-2, which is RoHS compliant. All  Triorail mobile phones also satisfy RoHS requirements.


Where can I get information concerning Triorail products?

If you need information about Triorail products, please ask your contact person at our house, or send an email to info[at]

Where can I send my quotation request?

You can contact our salesman sending an email to sales[at]

What are your general terms and conditions?

Here you can find our Terms & Conditions.

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