Which mobiles are able to work with an external antenna?

All Triorail devices of the 75th generation can be used with an external antenna. For example the TTS-S75 is delivered with a car cradle, to which an external antenna can easily be connected. Its antenna connector is of the type FME/male, so you can use every antenna with a FME/female connector.

What do the abbreviations of the Triorail devices stand for?





Test Mobile

self-contained test device, can be run without PC


Triotrace Test System

Test device can/must be run with PC


Device number

is based on the Siemens S75


Rail device

The rail band is included


GPS feature

In the scope of delivery a GPS mouse and GPS software is contained


Is the price for the Test Monitor GPS systems including the GPS mouse?

Yes, our GPS trace mobiles are delivered with the X-MINI-Xtreme GPS BT Mouse from RoyalTek, which fulfills our high requirements.

I already have a Bluetooth® GPS receiver. Can I use it together with your GPS trace mobiles?

As nearly all Bluetooth® receiver have a different specification, you can only use the X-MINI-Xtreme GPS BT Mouse from RoyalTek, which is most suitable for our porposes, because it is very sensitive and runs up to 17h with one battery. 
If you like to use GPS with your test mobile, please order the GPS version, which has a different software and comes with the GPS receiver. 

Do your test tools support EDGE?

Our latest generation of test mobiles, the S75 series, support EDGE both in the stand-alone and in the online variant.


How can I connect a PC to a GSM-R phone (TR device) in order to control it, ie. dial, hangup, receive and send data?

You can connect your GSM-R phone via Bluetooth®, IrDA or Serial to your computer. With a USB to Serial adapter an USB connection is also possible.

What is the trace log format of the Triotrace test mobiles?

The recording is stored in a binary file as trace log. With our free of carge Triotrace PC Application you can convert these binary files for external evaluation to e.g. ASCII files.

Where is the recorded data stored to in the TM devices?

All recorded data is stored on the RS-MMC (Reduced Size Multimedia Card) of the phone.

Is it possible to replay a recorded trace log file on the PC without having the trace mobile at hand?

Yes, you can use e.g. our free of charge Triotrace2 PC application.

How can I transfer trace data from a Test Mobile to the PC?

The best way to transfer the data is to plug the Mini-SD card from the phone into the card reader of your PC.

A transfer via serial cable, USB or Bluetooth® is of course also possible but more slowly than the opportunity named above.

Is it possible to force a TTS mobile to setup with a specific speech codex?

We succeeded in forcing a mobile to a specific speech codex by deselecting the support of the other speech codex.

Is it possible to record network traces together with GPS information?

Within our stand-alone devices (TM) we offer a version of our test mobiles including a Bluetooth® GPS receiver. The additional GPS information is displayed in the Triotrace ME software and can be stored on the memory card. 
If you like to use our online tools (TTS) the Triotrace2 PC application can record GPS data from a GPS receiver plugged to the PC via the serial interface or Bluetooth. For the latter you can use every GPS device you like.
Note for real time information: The GPS receiver's timestamps are delivered only every second. 

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