About us

Triorail means

  • Technological leadership in GSM-R
  • Innovative range of products: terminals, modules, test systems
  • Wide range of transmission standards GSM, GSM-R, EGSM-R, GPRS, EDGE and various additional features such as ASCI and GPS
  • Support of all GSM-bands: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz
  • Application of the latest chipset technology
  • High standards of quality
  • Verifiably highest software stability
  • High flexibility through modularisation
  • Engagement in customer support
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Social responsibility


Management Board

Jürgen Hofmann


Thomas Reitner

+49 8441 7979262

Our History


Founding of Triorail GmbH & Co. KG
Focus: Production and sales of GSM-R products
Presentation of the TR-1: First GSM-R mobile from Triorail (based on ME45)


March Presentation of the TRM-1: First GSM-R module (based on MC45)
August Type approval of the TRM-1
October Presentation of the TR-2S: GSM-R mobile with colour display (based S55)
December Delivery of the first 120 TRM-1 modules


April Presentation of the TR-A55: Low cost GSM-R device with triple band
May Start of deliveries of the TR-2S
September Presentation of the Triotrace Test Systems TTS-S55R and TTS-S65
December Delivery of the first TTS-S55R devices: Trace mobile for GSM-R


April TRM-1T receives unlimited type approval from the EBA (Federal Railway Authority)
June Start of deliveries: the TTS-S55R
October Presentation of the TRM-2: RoHs compliant module
December Start of deliveries TM-M75R: GSM-R pocket Test Monitor


April Type approval of the TRM-2
May Start of deliveries TRM-2
September Presentation of the Triotrace Test System TTS-S75(R) and Test Monitor TM-S75 with EDGE functionality
October Start of deliveries for the TR-S68: Triorail GSM-R Phone
November Start of deliveries for the TR-M81: Triorail GSM-R Phone
December Start of deliveries for the TR-C81: Triorail GSM-R Phone


May First successful ASCI tests with the TRM-2 on the testfloor
June Start of deliveries: Triotrace Test System TTS-S75(R) and EDGE Test Monitor TM-S75
August Presentation of the ASCI test system
September UIC Conference: Presentation of the ASCI module TRM-2a
November Presentation of the modules TRM-3 and TRM-3a (with ASCI functionality)


March Type approval TRM-3
November Start of deliveries for the TRM-3T terminal


January Start of deliveries for the ASCI module TRM-3a and ASCI terminal TRM-3aT
March Start of deliveries for the USB terminal TRM-3T USB and TRM-3aT USB, as well as the Triotrace Test Systems TTS-TRM-3T USB and TTS-TRM-3aT USB
October New sales office in France established
October Product preview: TRC-3 family (8 watt products)


February First shipment of the Triotrace Test Systems TTS-TRC-3
August New sales office in China established


February Start of deliveries of the different Triotrace Test Systems (TTS-…) with ETCS L2 or CTCS‑3 test support features.

Presentation of the 8 watt modules TRC‑3 (compact design) for cab radios and TRC‑3AP (embedded design with board-to-board connector) for ETCS and cab radios. Announcement of a 19’’ rack mounted version as a Triotrace Test System TTS‑TRC‑3RM.


June Start of deliveries of the EDGE Terminal TRM‑3Tedge.

September Announcement of modules (TRM-5 and TRC-5) with improved interference resistance (intermodulation and blocking) and extended frequency range EGSM-R..

October Presentation of the 8 watt module TRC‑3AP2 (embedded design) with support of separate transmit and receive antennas (RX/TX).

November 10 year anniversary of Triorail.


May Announcement of the 5th product generation with TRM-5, TRM-5T, TRM-5T USB, TRC-5, TRC-5RM, TRC-5AP2.

This newest GSM-R technology shows exceptionally good receiver characteristics that outreach the ETSI Professional Mobile Standard by far. The products with increased susceptibility (intermodulation and blocking) in the “ext” option also cover the extended frequency ranges EGSM-R.


March Launch of GSM-R trace devices with innovative receiver technology for suppressing IM3 and blocking problems: TTS-TRM-5T USB, TTS-TRC-5 und TTS-TRC-5RM.

April Launch of the TRM-5 module whose development was funded and awarded by the Federal Ministry for economy and energy.

September Presentation of Triorail’s products at the InnoTrans trade fair.


April Head office moves to Pfaffenhofen (Ilm).


May Launch of 8 Watt GSM-R modules TRC-5RMe and TRC-5RMe ext (rack mounted design).

June Presentation of Triorail’s products at the InnoTrans.


February Launch of 8 Watt GSM-R modules TRC-5AP2e and TRC-5AP2e ext (embedded design).

March Triorail booth at “Innovationstag Mittelstand” of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

August Announcement of Triorail Test Box TTB-1.


Participation at the exhibition InnoTrans 2018 with dedicated booth


Start point of the market introduction of the EDGE product family

TRM-6 is available as the first product of the EDGE product family


TRC-6RM and TRM-6T are available as further products of the EDGE product family


The test systems TTS-TRC-6RM and TTS-TRM-6T are available


Participation at the exhibition InnoTrans 2022 with dedicated booth


Active contribution to the development of FRMCS standards in UNIFE/UNITEL, UIC and ETSI

Kick-off of the interface definition OBRad for the ETSI to design a standardized interface for radio modules under FRMCS


Participation at the exhibition InnoTrans 2024 with dedicated booth



For Triorail quality means that the whole organization and all employees perform in accordance with these quality principles:

  • Quality is more than precision  – quality means that our customers are fully satisfied
  • Quality is for our customers
  • Quality does not only concern technology  – quality is a challenge for every employee
  • Quality requires the continuous improvement of all processes
  • Quality requires teamwork
  • Quality assurance requires personal responsibility
  • Quality requires the qualification of all participants
  • Quality means avoiding mistakes, instead of fixing mistakes

The development of the quality principles is based on the quality management system and other internal processes.

Quality Management System

The quality management system (QMS) is based on the structure of ISO9001 after which the company Triorail is certified.
The QMS is supervised by the quality representative and contains

  • reference documents in the form of process descriptions, process instructions, check lists and forms
  • the QM manual

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