8 Watt Europe

The 8 watt 5th generation GSM-R modules are designed for voice and data services and are in accordance with the EIRENE and MORANE specification requirements. The modules are suitable for standard voice and data applications as well as for ETCS L2/CTCS3. An innovative thermal management system allows an amazing compact module design. In addition to many performance features, these modules are supporting group calls, functional addressing, railway emergency calls and further ASCI / EIRENE specified functions. Detailed product information can be found in our data sheets.



TRC-5RMe, evolved 8 Watt GSM-R module in the rack mounted design with a special RF transmission filter, Data sheet.



TRC-5AP2e, evolved 8 watt GSM-R module in the embedded design with a special RF transmission filter,  Data sheet

09. January 2019

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29. August 2018

InnoTrans 2018

Triorail will be represented as in the past as your reliable partner at InnoTrans in Berlin.