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Latest 8 Watt GSM-R Technology for use in Critical Network Conditions

Triorail has taken quite some time to focus on the subject of IM3 (intermodulation of third order) and Blocking (by neighboring large-signal interferers) in GSM-R networks.

Public GSM, UMTS and LTE networks increasingly disturb GSM-R networks. The interference by public mobile networks due to IM3 and blocking, results in significant reception problems in the conventional GSM-R equipment. Triorail has faced up those problems with the aim to restore the radio-technical integrity of GSM-R on the terminal side. In close cooperation with leading operators and manufactures of the railway industry as well as institutions and associations, Triorail has managed to bring a new GSM-R module generation on the market. With the new 5th generation of 2- and 8 Watt GSM-R modules, the IM3 and Blocking problems on the terminal side have been eliminated and costly external filter solutions have become obsolete herewith. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of Germany funded the development of the new 5th generation underlying module TRM-5  by the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (called ZIM).

09. January 2019

Dear Customers and Interested Parties, we look forward to work with you.


29. August 2018

InnoTrans 2018

Triorail will be represented as in the past as your reliable partner at InnoTrans in Berlin.