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New products

TRM-3T USB, TRM-3aT USB, TTS-TRM-3T USB and TTS-TRM3aT USB available now

There are four new product variants available within the TRM-3T USB terminal family, two terminals and two test systems each with and without ASCI functionality. The devices are characterized by the following details:

  • GSM(-R) and CE approval
  • particularly suitable for adhoc applications
  • attachable to every computer via USB, act like an external sound card
  • power supply over USB, no external power supply needed
  • processing of digital audio signals prevent noise by irradiation
  • available with ASCI/EIRENE functionality (TRM-3aT USB)
  • also available as trace version (TTS-TRM-3T USB) and ASCI tester (TTS-TRM3aT USB)

More information about the functionality of the individual products can be found on the corresponding product pages.

08. April 2021

TRM-6 available now

The 2 Watt EDGE Module with USB and RS232 interface for EDOR / ETCS applications is available now!


08. April 2021

TRC-6RM available now

The EDGE product specially developed for EDOR / ETCS applications is now available!