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5th module generation from Triorail

Next Generation of Triorail GSM-R Modules

Triorail has defined GSM-R new to cope with challenging neighborhood radio interferences.

The new 5th generation of Triorail GSM-R technology provides great benefits to the railway industry. This new generation gives access to an unprecedented receiver performance, which exceeds the recommended ETSI Professional Mobile Standard by far (Whitepaper and IM3-Simulation).

19. May 2020

TRM-6T Product Announcement

The new terminal product TRM-6T will be available as prototype starting from 3Q2020. The product...


19. May 2020

Availability of the new EDGE products TRM-6/TRC-6 (Data Only)

The new EDGE products will be available starting from 4Q2020. For detailed information please...