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Technological Leadership in GSM-Rail

TRM-6 available now

The 2 Watt EDGE Module with USB and RS232 interface for EDOR / ETCS applications is available now!

TRC-6RM available now

The EDGE product specially developed for EDOR / ETCS applications is now available!

Welcome to Triorail!

Triorail supplies GSM-R modules, modems and test equipment. The Triorail technology provides exceptionally robust reception characteristics, which ensures the best possible suppression of interfering radio signals, for example of public 2/3/4G mobile networks. The product range includes devices in different form factors.


GSM R - Modul TRM-6 | Triorail

2 Watt GSM-R Modules

Triorail Bahnfunk 2-Watt GSM-R transceiver modules form the basis of many rail data and voice communication solutions. The different solutions are used on board of ...

8 Watt GSM-R Modules

Triorail Bahnfunk 8 Watt GSM-R modules are designed for voice and data services and are in accordance with the EIRENE and MORANE specification requirements. The ...

GSM R Terminal - TRM-5T USB und TRM-5T USB ext | Triorail

GSM-R Terminals

Triorail Bahnfunk GSM-R Terminals provide RS232 and/or USB interfaces and allow fast implantation into customer specific applications in a PC environment.

GSM-R Testsystem - TTS-TRM-6T | Triorail

GSM-R Test Systems

Our Test Tools provide various monitoring and testing features for GSM networks in conjunction with a computer as Triotrace Test System or altogether mobile with ...